Building apps with a purpose

About Us

We are a mobile app development startup. We develop interactive games and utility applications.

Our startup is all about benefiting the user, whether it's a fun game or a convenience. This early startup was formed in Waterloo, Ontario which is the hub of startups in Canada.

A lot of ideas come to life here and we are recognized for Blackberry, two exceptional universities and a college (University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University and Conestoga College).

We formed our startup during the building stages of our first app. Michael Yaworski (Co-founder and Lead Programmer) and Jordan Wickens (Co-founder and CEO) are both entrpreneurs that work together to complete projects. There are a lot of projects on the way and this is only the early stage of what we will become. As Mike runs the code and technical side of the startup, Jordan handles business and finances.

Our Team

Jordan Wickens Business Development and Programmer Software Engineering,
Conestoga College
Michael Yaworski Lead Programmer Software Engineering,
University of Waterloo


BarLine Yardable

Simple online booking website for yard work year-round. We're making it easy for people to get yard work done.

BarLine Who Makes More

Given two people side-by-side, guess who makes more money! The people may be CEOs, celebrities, athletes, etc.

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